Let's change the way we talk to one another

Convo CEO

We're on a mission to fix the way we talk to one another. Like us, you may have noticed that while social media has made us wonderfully more connected, it's occasionally made the quality of our interactions a bit less...human.

Happily, luckily, one type of social media has bucked the trend - a medium so different in how it makes us feel that it almost feels wrong to place it in the same category. We speak, of course, of podcasting - that oasis of authentic interaction nestled within a desert of dance videos.

Just what is it about podcasting? In a word, it's human. Podcasting is slow, personal, unpolished, real, raw, and rambling. It's about nuance, long pauses, diversity of thought, and open-mindedness. It's a place where it's okay to think out loud, change your opinion, talk to people you disagree with, and then still be friends. It's a place that cares not of likes and clicks, but meaning and connection. It's a place, in other words, where humanity still reigns supreme.

And yet there's no question that the rest of social media has a lot going for it. It's dynamic, collaborative, open, and massively connective.

We founded Convo because we believe we shouldn't have to choose between our connectedness and our humanity. We're building a platform that preserves the things that make podcasting so great, while adding all of the incredible aspects of social media that have made the world more connected than ever.

In short, we're giving podcasting a much-needed upgrade :)

Eric Duffy
Founder & CEO

Our Values

Think bigger

Incremental wins often require just as much time and effort as the big ones, so we opt to swing for the fences every time.

Sweat the small stuff

We love obsessing over the tiny details.  You might not notice most of them, but every now and then you will, and that's what we're here for.

Do more with less

Constraints necessitate creativity, agility, and continual critical thinking.

Free speech

A free and thriving marketplace of ideas is more important to the world than just about anything, and we are dedicated to promoting it.

Make it better

That means our product, that means the world, and that means ourselves.